The Swiss Symphony Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales Suisse was founded in 1990 as a summer academy and every year offers 70 young musicians the opportunity to work out a symphonic program and perform in large concert halls. The rehearsals and the three final concerts will be conducted by highly qualified musicians.

A second part of the academy is reserved for various creative activities. Five animation assistants offer leisure activities outside of rehearsal times such as sports tournaments, games and many other surprises.

A body percussion group is also a popular part of the course.

The orchestra academy is conducted in French, German, Italian and English.

Frédéric Théodoloz / Artistic director, conductor and team brass

Javier López Sanz / Artistic Director and team 1st violins

Ola Sendecki / Team 2nd violins

Anne Malherbet / Team violas

Eric Abeijón / Team violoncellos

David Brito / Team double basses

Calogero Presti / Team woodwinds

Nicolas Sutter / Team percussion

Paula Burri / Camp counsellor

Rebecca Thorimbert / Animation team leader

Ayandra Rodrigues Hilario / Camp counsellor

Hector Ducasse / Camp counsellor

Benedikt Leuenberger / Head of health counsellor

Andrea Kamber / Secretary


  • Javier López Sanz, President
  • Frédéric Théodoloz, Vice-President
  • Pierre-François Coen, Treasurer

Our statutes