My name is Jonathan Gaillard and I are from Valais. Already at the age of 6 I started my musical education on the cornet in the brass band Cécilia with Christophe Pralong. Then I very quickly changed to Eddy Debons at the Cantonal Conservatory in Sion. With him I continued the study of the cornet, and it was he who trained me in trumpet playing. I am currently studying trumpet at the haute école de musique de Fribourg with Marc-Olivier Broillet. I am also learning the art of conducting instrumental ensembles with Jean-François Bobillier.

Twice I participated in the summer academy of the Swiss symphony orchestras of the Jeunesses Musicales Suisse. I have only nice memories of it and I’m looking forward to being a camp counsellor.

Among other things, this orchestra gave me the desire to conduct and make music professionally.

I look forward to passing on what I received there to the next generation: the love of music, timeless friendships, and most of all great, unforgettable memories!