Eric Abeijón studied at the University of the Arts in Bern. In 2014 he completed the Master of Arts in Music Performance in the class of Louise Hopkins with the highest distinction. Passionate about teaching, he continued his studies in Bern in Conradin Brotbek’s class, received his Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy with the highest distinction in 2016 and won the Kiwanis music competition prize in 2019.

Eric Abeijón worked as a violoncello teacher in various institutions, including the Conservatoire de Musique Geneva and the Bern University of the Arts, where he taught in the field of “Music and Movement”.

As a cellist, he played in ensembles such as the Biel / Solothurn Symphony Orchestra, the Bern Symphony Orchestra and the Bern Chamber Orchestra. The versatile musician also works regularly with various chamber music groups and has especially taken part in the European Chamber Music Academy. He has performed as a soloist in Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland and Peru.

Eric Abeijón has been a cellist at the Orchester de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux since September 2019.